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 EasyReminder 2.0
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About EasyReminder

What is EasyReminder?
EasyReminder is an easy-to-use free software utility. It displays the number of minutes and seconds remaining until the next event, on top of all other programs currently being used on your computer screen.
It counts down to zero, rings an alarm, and then disappears from view.
You can move it around, and place it where it doesn't cover other windows.
It is also configurable; enabling you to select any font on your system, and change the size of the timer digits.

Who needs EasyReminder?
Do you regularly run for the bus, only to see it drive away right before your eyes, do you often miss the first five minutes of your favourite TV-show or miss out on important meetings just because you left home/work one minute too late?

Then EasyReminder is something for you!

EasyReminder helps you catch that bus, meet your friends and family on time, catch your favourite TV-show and never miss out on a romantic date again!

It is very easy to configure and run, it installs in the quicklaunch toolbar and if you want, also on the desktop. How do you start it? Simply click the icon, enter the number of seconds remaining until the event, and press enter. It takes less than a second to have it up and running when you need it.

Why is it free software? (free as in "free of charge")
We use banner advertisements as a means to get paid for this product. It means that you, the user, do not have to pay any money, but an advertiser has to pay us (the software manufacturers) money to show their advertisements in connection with the product.

This means that you will see two banners at the bottom of the application window every time you start EasyReminder. But don't worry, it will not make the application slow or un-secure. If you desire, you can click the banner and read about the company or product being advertised. The banners are updated regularly, they are downloaded silently in the background.

 Click here to download and install EasyReminder now.

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