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 EasyReminder 2.0
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Instructions for Use

Easyreminder first-time setup
The first time you start EasyReminder, a setup screen will display.

You can select which font to use and the size of the reminder digits.
You can also select a sound file to play, when the timer has reached 00:00.

You can activate this screen at any time by selecting the "EasyReminder Setup" shortcut in the start menu.

Settings screen

Easyreminder main screen
To start using EasyReminder, you should initially select how many seconds until the next event. Press the enter key or "OK" to start the timer, or press "X" to close the application.

Main screen

Easyreminder timer screen
When the timer is counting down to the next event, it will be present on top of all the other windows. If you want to cancel the timer, double-click anywhere on the digits. If you want to move it, just press and hold any of the digits, and drag the timer on the screen.
EasyReminder will remember the position, and put the timer at the same position next time you start EasyReminder.

Timer screen

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